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News: Full Gospel Church (LVD) 30th anniversary
The Full Gospel Church of God – La Voix de la Délivrance (LVD) – will celebrate its 30th anniversary by the grace and faithfulness of God and invites you all, brothers and sisters in Christ, to come, celebrate and express, with them, your recognition towards our faithful lord and saviour Jesus Christ for his Kingdom, from August 05th to August 11th 2013.

Find attached on the left, the pamphlet and the booklet of the event which you can download by clicking on their link respectively.

Find below the program, the schedule as well as the location of the LVD church of Beau-Bassin. You can get more information about this church by clicking here.
Schedule for the 30th anniversary of LVD
  Date Time Type of Meeting Pastor
Monday 05 August 2013 4h30 p.m Convention 1st Session: Pastor Philippe Séblin
2nd Session: Pastor Anil Ramful
Tuesday 06 August 2013 10h00 a.m Special Convention For Women 1st Session: Sister Loriana Dhoorah
2nd Session: Pastor Cyril Demba
Tuesday 06 August 2013 4h30 p.m Convention 1st Session: Pastor Sanjit Moochooram
2nd Session: Pastor Oomesh Padaruth
Wednesday 07 August 2013 10h00 a.m Reunion De Delivrance  
Wednesday 07 August 2013 4h30 p.m Convention 1st Session: Pastor Bertrand Sungeeleemootoo
2nd Session: Pastor Roger Ancrasamy
Thursday 08 August 2013 4h30 p.m Convention 1st Session: Pastor Ravind Gopaul
2nd Session: Pastor Clarrel Dhoorah
Friday 09 August 2013 6h30 p.m Special Convention For Youths
Saturday 10 August 2013 10h30 a.m Special Convention For Children
Saturday 10 August 2013 3h00 p.m Convention 1st Session: Pastor Cyril Demba
2nd Session: Pastor Richard Narsoo
Sunday 11 August 2013 2h00 p.m Convention Special Celebration

Note: By Clicking on the blue icon/marker via a mobile network (Orange or Emtel), you can get access to the directional system, which will allow google map to guide you towards the church. More info on our FAQ